"Dance with you"

Iím just a flower here on the wall
People pass by but they donít see at all
I just want to dance with you
Been waiting here since I was fifteen
Fly in the shadows that youíve never seen
Waiting to dance with you

I know Iím not the first one
Probably wonít be the last
If itís a quick or a slow one
Either way it goes by too fast

I stare at you every day
You smiled once and my heart ran away
To dance into heaven with you
I havenít spoken a word or a line
Looked in your eyes then lost my mind
Wanting to dance with you

Youíve stood beside me for thirty two years
Shared all the laughter and all the tears
Here in this dance with you
I still remember that wall flower view
The look on your face is what pulled me through
Into this dance with you

I know I was the first one
Lord knows Iíll be the last
Through all the quick and the slow songs
The dance goes by too fast

© 2016 Barnett Productions