"Nothing Good"

Sixty year old house wife
Husband and kids are gone
Finally time to catch her breath
And drift the great unknown
Too many hobbies to count
A little red wine abuse
Sees a boy she once knew in school
Figures what’s the use

Nothing good could ever come of this
Without that gentle shove
Nothing good could ever come of this
Except for maybe love

Sees a girl across the room
With two tone sparkling eyes
Thinks that maybe he should try
Just a few more lies
Honesty hasn’t worked at all
Since Elvis left the room
He might find his long lost bride
If he’d just play the groom

I find myself alone at night
And think of you again
Wonder if you’re thinking too
About a lonely man
I remember your last remark
About how we have grown
Something moves inside my soul
And I pick up the phone

© 2016 Barnett Productions