"Directorial Debut"

The severed head rolled out the door
And down into the street
I tried to stop it but the entrails
Got caught around my feet
I stumbled on with blood soaked clothes
Boy was my face red
Luckily the only one who noticed
Was already dead

The naked booty shakers
Danced around the kitchen floor
Pushing their money makers
And asking if I wanted more
Rubbing places on their bodies
The camera could never go
Too many nasty movements
Than I could ever show

Bags of weed piled on the table
Cocaine there as well
Enough to take me up to heaven
And drag me back down into hell
So much methamphetamine
To float my brain away
Keep the sex and the rock n roll
This is where Iíll stay

So many things the censors
Would never let me show
But these unrated DVDís
Take it just about as far as it can go
Money spilled from a suitcase
Left by Frito-lay
With all that product placement
They really had to pay

© 2016 Barnett Productions