"Polite Conversation"

For almost 2 hours in this darkened barroom
I sat and looked in your eyes
Thinking that maybe when this night is over
We could both fall asleep telling lies
Once you began that whole story of life
Then droned on and on with out stop
I thought about physically closing your mouth
But you'd probably just call a cop

You may be a beautiful woman
The finest I値l ever see
It could be the perfume you池e wearing
Or all the beer and whiskey
There痴 something about you that makes me want
To run screaming into the sea
Honey I have to be honest
You're annoying the crap out of me

I dropped in the bar for a shooter and beer
Then stayed for some fine company
As soon as the other guys saw you sit down
They cut a wide berth around me
It seems I had not heard the rumors and stories
Of others you've had in the trap
Just another example polite conversation
Drowning in an ocean of crap

Your monotone voice is filling my mind
And spilling out over the cup
I値l give twenty dollars right now
If you値l just shut the hell up
I know better, you値l keep on talking
Until I知 screaming or dead
The only thing I can think of worse than this moment
Would be to wake up in your bed

© 2016 Barnett Productions