Reuse recycle renew
Yes I'm talking to you
Before you dispose
You could I suppose
Use it once more couldn't you
I rotate the crops every year
So plant those tomatoes right here
An odd conversation
With my closest relation
Who then planted her boot in my rear

Renew, recycle reuse
You really have nothing to lose
Except all the waters
Your sons and your daughters
And grand children's children will use
A scream pierced the cool morning air
Don't put that bottle in there
Glass goes in blue
Tin goes in gray
Ok fine now let go of my hair

Recycle reuse and renew
I made my decision to do
I'd be saving the round world
One can at a time
But I'm waiting to hear back from you
I reuse the box for the cat
The newspaper becomes a hat
You may think that I'm
Crossing some line
But I won't reuse beer and that's that

© 2016 Barnett Productions