“Angels Unaware”

Dark and lonely I was standing here
And I never saw her wings
She smiled at me and then disappeared
Beauty like a breath of spring
My heart exploded in the morning air
Changed my life to something I could share
Because a moment with this stranger there
Swept away all my despair
She’s an angel, She’s an angel
She’s an angel, unaware

I was destitute and on the road
Crashed and burning in the rain
Weighted down with a heavy load
I’m not a soul to complain
An old friend saw me and stopped to talk
For a minute on that old sidewalk
Just a memory we both could share
Lifting my spirits up into the air
He’s an angel, He’s an angel
He’s an angel, unaware

So many times I’ve seen kindness done
And left behind without a clue
Unknowing words that bring a shining sun
And a sky of crystal blue

At the moment when the floor falls out
Heart and mind are filled with doubt
When you think there’s no one there
Come the angels unaware
They are angels, They are angels
They’re all angels unaware

© 2016 Barnett Productions