"An Old Song"

Play me an old song
From nineteen sixty four
I need a simple tune
You donít hear any more
Play me a happy song
Not gloom and death
I wanna sing yeah yeah yeah
For my last breath

Play me an old song
I need to smile once more
Donít talk about the price of gas
Or who started a war
This is entertainment
Not therapy
Happy ever after
Is how things should be

Too much black makeup
And dirty jeans
New songs are depressing me
I wonder what that means
People dressed in olive drab
And combat boots
What ever happened to matching ties
And velvet suits

Tell me about the summer of love
Nineteen sixty eight
Bell bottoms and tie dye
By the Golden Gate
Hey how about disco
All ya wanta do is dance
Bump the hustle in a leisure suit
And spandex pants

© 2016 Barnett Productions