"Happy Hour"

Sparkling in evening shower
Join me here its happy hour
Leave the day in whisky sour
Come on down to happy hour

With all your friends
And some you don't know
Just for a while in
The sunsets glow

Run away from your lonely tower
Love expands at happy hour
Bitter drinks your soul empower
They are here at happy hour

I will be there
Waiting for you
Watching the door
Youíll be walking through

Thereíll be food we can devour
I'll look for you at happy hour
Save the day you have the power
Find me here at happy hour

With all our friends
Here we can stay
See you tomorrow
If not today

Time is short wilting flower
Now itís over happy hour
Future moments will be ours
There are many happy hours

© 2016 Barnett Productions