"Four color ten inch tattoo"

I can't really tell if it's a fish or a bell
on the left side I think thereís a beak
I have this fear as I look in the mirror
somethingís beginning to leak
the drinking was on and last night is gone
blurred images start to come through
with a pain in my gut and there on my butt
is a four color ten inch tattoo

Four color ten inch tattoo
my God what did I do
drunk on a whim with my cousin jim
I wonder if he got one too

There on the right it looks like a kite
or it could be a shield and a sword
flying above pterodactyl and dove
and a green leprechaun who's been gored
Itís really a shame that they misspelled your name
the face there donít quite look like you
still you look kinda cute with a bowl full of fruit
on that four color ten inch tattoo

When I laugh it all moves from tower to hooves
better pull up my trousers I think
kneel in a pew thats what I'll do
and pray that it's' henna not ink
Cover the cheeks and in a few weeks
see what the doctor can do
now I feel like a boob, facebook and you tube
have my four-color ten-inch tattoo

© 2016 Barnett Productions