Instrumental Music MP3's

1958 Archtop Harmony - 2004
Once Upon a Time
1958 Archtop Harmony
School yard
One Man Show
It's all been said
Goin to Arizona
Christopher Creek
Gene Autry
Family Reunion
Already Here
A gift to give
Flying Fools
Southern Oregon 6am
Walking Distance

Don't Look Now - 2006
Wonderful Story
Ben & Kristen cause a ruckus
Diana's Tune
Glimpse of Americana
Too much baggage
Best Friend
Prayer for the gulf coast
Double negative blues
Silence is Golden
Grand Adventure
All in this together
The glass is half full
Cowboy life
I miss the rain
Scotland the brave

The following CD's were completed but never released for sale

Watch for signs of life - 2004
Just visiting
Watch for signs
Better left unsaid
Ten yards down
Leave me alone
Words escape me
A dry heat
Flowers by the freeway
Never too late
Road to home
Working from memory
Missing in action

Watercolor Life - 2004
What love can make
Old Jeans
Portrait of Milton
13th Love song
Sail the desert
Watercolor Life
Moving Furniture
Cross of flowers
Polite conversation
Garden Angel
My own devices
Perfect world
Jacksons cafe
What love can make
Walking Distance
Watercolor Life 2

Night Vision - 2005
Hey come on
End of the dirt road
Quiet moment
Not dead yet
Two Bricks
Absent Father
Embrace the dissonance
Somewhere near Alameda
For Myself
Another song
Cafe tune
Nuthin happens
I'm an artist
With one O
Hey come on 2

Above the Rim - 2007
The end
London Frail
Arbuckle in the Rain
Sitting In/dewey’s Office
Greatest Generation
One String
Glimpse of Americana
An old song
Another quiet moment
The rain
This Reunion
Privat Storm
Just a shadow
The band
The water is wide

Yard Work - 2011
Six Seventeen
And then...
Another Christmas
Come away
Ever After
Far Side
Happy Hour
Motel 6 room 251
My fathers tune
One more chance
Shoot for the moon
Simple life
Smoking Section

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