Doug Barnett was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Sahuaro Elementary School and Moon Valley High School. During his first year of high school, Doug's mother bought an old player piano with the mechanical parts removed. This ignited an intense desire to play music, so Doug taught himself to play a handful of tunes by Elton John and others.

The next year, he signed up for a guitar class at his high school. His mother let him use her old Harmony arch top guitar to start practicing during the summer. He played that guitar until the sides cracked and the neck began to bend. That guitar still hangs on the wall of Doug's home studio. His Uncle Bill was also a great musical influence on Doug. He had a wide array of acoustic and electric instruments that Doug was able to borrow and play.

Music stayed a hobby for many years as Doug amassed a vast and varied collection of musical recordings.

Doug moved to the Seattle area in the late 90's for employment and decided to stay a while. In March of 2003, Doug bought a Martin Cowboy II acoustic guitar and decided to become serious about music. Within a year he was writing and recording his own songs in a home studio. He began playing at open mic events around the Puget Sound, finding friends among the local musicians. Open mic led to steady gigs and more friendships.

Doug has released ten indie albums, available on,, and Currently, he plays in the greater Phoenix area and flies to Seattle for performances at Katie Jís in Renton, WA.

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