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Up Front & Honest - 2016
Angels Unaware
El Camino
Up Front & Honest
An Old Song
Ringtone Song
One More Chance
Happy Hour
Voice of Angels
4 Color 10 inch Tattoo
Ugly Girl
Public Service Announcement
Same Mistake Twice

6:17 - 2011
Muse Blues
One More Chance
Watch for Signs
Spend Some Time
And Then...
This Moment
Shoot for the Moon
Wont give up
All by Ourselves
Far Side
Girl up on the pool table
I will not sing
Without you
Fresh Air
Yard Sale
Public service announcement

Getting Warmer - 2010
A little bit slow
Quiet Desperation
Ever After
Walking Home
Autumn Skies
Still Half Full
Layoff Blues
Come Away
Harley Girl
Just a Shadow
Another Christmas Here
Simple Life
Bipolar Exit Interview

Happy Hour - 2009
Happy Hour
Shayla (wont you bring me a beer)
Bottle Rocket
Ugly Girl
Edge of Summer
Smoking Section
Tequila in the jar
Too much information
Try again
Where there's a well drink
Walking Distance
Walking Home (instrumental)

Private Storm - 2008
Dance with you
Cooper's Lament
Muffin Top Girl
30 Something
Private Storm
Don't Start with me
Nothing Good
Bad Alibi
El Camino
Directorial Debut
For Myself
Sailing Winds
Polite Conversation
Who's Complaining

I can't see the forest - 2007
London Frail
Arbuckle in the rain
Up Front and Honest
Double Negative Blues
The Band
Greatest Generation
Closer Still
A Minute Late
Sittin in/Dewey's Office
Just a Shadow
This Reunion
School Days
Embrace the Dissonance
Big Hand Blues
The End

Half Full and getting warm - 2006
Late for my own funeral
Grand Adventure
Glimpse of Americana
Voice of Angels
Half full and getting warm
What a man's gotta do
Transubstantion Blues
Ben and Kristen cause a ruckus
My Television
Just a Shadow
What were you expecting
Off Shore
Fresh Coat of Paint Best Friend
Life Reflected
Silence is golden
All in this together
Moving Furniture

Somewhere near Alameda - 2005
Prayer for the gulf coast
Two Wheel Cowboy
Absent Father
6AM Southern Oregon
The Cowboy Life
An Old Song
Dark Water (in the Holy land)
The Crowd
Somewhere near Alameda
What love can make
Hey come on
Nuthin Happens
A quiet moment
Once upon a time
Flowers by the freeway
Nothing left to say
Theodore (goodbye old friend)

One man show in a one dog town - 2004
One Man Show
Portrait of Milton
Old Jeans
End of the Dirt Road
10 Yards Down
Gene Autry
Goin to Arizona
Jackson's Cafe
Let go the World
I Never thought to ask
1958 Archtop Harmony
Garden Angel
A gift to take
Walking Distance
Watercolor Life
Family Reunion
13th Love SOng

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